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6 Weeks to Wellness - Nutrition for optimal health





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The food we eat is our fuel and is fundamental to powering all the processes in the body that effect not only the physical presentation but also how we think, feel and act. We know that a car has specific needs in order to run properly; fuel, oil, water, brake fluid etc. etc. But we wouldn’t put jam in the washer tank or butter in the oil tank….we know what would happen if we did that so why do we do it to ourselves and our bodies???

If you want to gain knowledge about food and its importance, then join us for a 6 week journey into health and wellness. Learn how to put together a nourishing meal to support yours and your families health.  Over the 6 weeks we will explore diet and lifestyle interventions that support the different systems of the body and your innate ability to heal yourself in order to reach optimal health.

Gemma will guide you through the minefield of what is good and bad for your health. Each week for 6 weeks, you will get a 1.5 hour  group session where you will learn about the science behind the workings of your body and what foods/nutrients you need to support it. You will also get exclusive lifetime access to an online support network and facebook group where you can support each other along your health journey with extra recipes, tips and tasks to complete weekly.

Our bodies are amazing and we have the power to heal ourselves if we give it the right fuel. There is so much more to diet than weightloss, so book your ticket now and take your first step on the path to optimal health.

Places are limited and must be booked in advance

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