I couldn't be more excited to introduce to you the scented soy wax medallion  - "The Tree of Life"


It is one of my most favourite symbols I have come across in nature, jewellery, art, architecture, and interior decor.  A connection to everything: The Tree of Life commonly represents the interconnectedness of everything in the universe! It reminds us all that YOU ARE NEVER ALONE! You are CONNECTED TO THE WORLD AROUND YOU through different forces. The roots of the Tree of Life dig deep and spread into the earth, thereby accepting nourishment from Mother Earth, and its branches reach up into the sky, accepting energy from the sun and moon. 

Did you know it is one of the oldest symbols found in various cultures across the world? It is also important to note that The Tree of Life serves as a reminder of our universal connection to the Mother Earth, and our dependence on her to grow and flourish. So please look after our planet!

🌿Ancestry, Family, and Fertility: Through its intricate layout of branches, the Tree of Life symbol represents a connection to family, these shared roots linking us to our past and future generations. 

🌿Growth and Strength: The Tree of Life symbol represents our personal development, uniqueness and individual beauty. Just as the branches of a tree strengthen and grow upwards to the sky, we too grow stronger, striving for greater knowledge, wisdom and new experiences as we move through life. 

🌿Individuality: Trees different branches symbolizes a person's personal growth into a unique human being as different experiences shape them into who they are.

🌿Immortality and Rebirth: As the seasons change so does the trees in nature. They go though several a hibernation phase as the seasons change. Much like the life cycle of trees, our lives can experience seasons of darkness and light, death and re-birth.

🌿Peace: Trees have always evoked a sense of calm and peace so it is unsurprising that the Tree of Life is also a symbol for peacefulness and relaxation.


Soy Wax Medallions are filled with your choice of scent and Dried Botanicals! These are created with my love, care and passion!

Soy wax is 100% plastic free, vegan friendly, organic and sustainable material! 

We only use high quality fragrance oils, I add nothing artificial to the wax: no dyes, no colouring agents and absolutely no paraffin. 

Weight - up to 100 g  

Botanical Scented Medallions can be used in numerous ways:
* A beautiful all season interior decoration
* Hang in your window and let the sun warm the wax which would enhance the fragrance
* Place them in your cupboards and wardrobes, so that you can add a lovely smell to your clothes
* Use it as a bathroom refresher
* Also can be given as a lovely home crafted gift

PLEASE NOTE:  These are not for human consumption and should be kept out of reach of children.  Floral designs will vary due to the unique and handmade nature of the product

Floverly Wax Medallion - The Tree of Life