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100% natural body butter with organic shea butter, coconut & avocado.

A super-rich, intensively moisturising, nourishing body butter with a unisex scent.


One of the main causes of skin ageing is excessive free radical damage caused by exposure to the sun and pollutants. Tropical oils have evolved to be sun-stable by way of a myriad of free radical busting antioxidants. This product is 95% organic tropical oils to halt free radical damage.

Dry skin also causes premature ageing and is completely preventable. Dry skin is caused by a failure of the skins natural outer barrier (the stratum corneum) to prevent excessive moisture escaping. The key to moisturising is repairing that layer with quality emollients and sealing moisture in. The epidermis draws moisture from the dermis below and from the air around it, so water in you moisturiser is only diluting the vital emollients. 


The fatty acids that make up the natural plant oils in this body butter are the very same ones the skin uses to make it's own emollient oils. Cheap mineral oils, derived from petrochemicals, form an occlusive seal, whereas plant oils are readily accepted by your skin and will be used to repair and maintain the stratum corneum without upsetting the ability to regulate moisture and temperature.


Essential oils for healthy skin


The blend of essential oils in this product not only smells divine, but balances sebum production helping skin function correctly. We also include our home grown soothing calendula extract.


This product is suitable for all skin types, but be aware that coconut oil can make some people spotty, so we suggest that, for those people it may not be suitable for areas prone to acne or blemishes.


A product of the Lyonsleaf water-free revolution


The Lyonsleaf water-free revolution is a paradigm shift in skincare. Better for you and better for the planet.


  • 100% Natural - water-free means no need for preservatives or emulsifiers
  • Undiluted goodness - 100% active ingredients
  • Concentrated formulas - smaller pots, less packaging
  • Better skin by better skin barrier
  • Sun-stable ingredients, don't oxidise and do neutralise free radicals


Lyonsleaf products are cruelty free and hand-made in the UK, using home-grown herbs, by workers earning a living wage, using as little plastic as possible. Lyonsleaf are committed to an ongoing program of reducing carbon emissions, environmental impact and waste.


The packaging of this product is 100% recyclable and we only use biodegradable postal packaging.


Suitable for vegans.

    Lyonsleaf 100% Natural Body Butter


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