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For oily skin, and skin prone to acne, rosacea and perioral dermatitis


This set contains products to cleanse, moisturise, nourish, balance and calm oily skin and skin prone to acne, rosacea and perioral dermatitis. 

The products in this set are made with pure plant oils, organic beeswax, mineral ingredients (zinc oxide), home-grown herbs and nothing else.

Traditional products for oily skin usually attempt to strip excess sebum. This often causes the skin to overcompensate and produce more sebum, exacerbating the problem. Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm re-balances oily, or combination skin and reduces oily shine. It can also settle skin prone to breakouts. It is non comedogenic and will not block pores. It can be used as a moisturiser and as a balm cleanser (oil cleansing method). 

Switching to oil cleansing with Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm dramatically improves dry skin because you will stop stripping the skin's natural oils when cleansing.


Lyonsleaf award winning Zinc and Calendula Cream can be used to prevent and calm breakouts or calm any skin in need of TLC. It reduces sebum production so is particularly helpful for oily skin (take care not to overuse if skin is dry). Some customers alternate it's use with our Calendula and Marshmallow Balm or our Calendula Cream to prevent dryness. 


Lyonsleaf Zinc and Calendula Cream has an SPF of 10.


We suggest cleansing once or twice a day with Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm in place of other soap or cleansers and using Zinc and Calendula Cream to calm skin as required - Once or twice a day, or just occasionally. 


Please note: Extra flannels/muslins will be required if you decide to make oil cleansing part of your daily skincare routine. Use this set to trial the Oil Cleansing Method and see which type of flannel you prefer.


We recommend taking a holistic approach to the management of the skin conditions mentioned. A cream alone will never be the answer. We have collected some useful information regarding a natural approach to: acne; rosacea and perioral dermatitis.


In the box:

  • 30ml Beauty Balm
  • 30ml Zinc and Calendula Cream
  • One Muslin Face Cloth (2 ply)
  • One 500gsm Face Flannel
  • Instructions & Information


A product of the Lyonsleaf water-free revolution


The Lyonsleaf water-free revolution is a paradigm shift in skincare. Better for you and better for the planet.


  • 100% Natural - water-free means no need for preservatives or emulsifiers
  • Undiluted goodness - 100% active ingredients
  • Concentrated formulas - smaller pots, less packaging
  • Better skin by better skin barrier
  • Sun-stable ingredients, don't oxidise and do neutralise free radicals


Lyonsleaf products are cruelty free and hand-made in the UK, using home-grown herbs, by workers earning a living wage, using as little plastic as possible. Lyonsleaf are committed to an ongoing program of reducing carbon emissions, environmental impact and waste.


The packaging of this product is 100% recyclable

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